My name is Emily Spivack.

I have a project called Worn Stories. It is now also a New York Times best-selling book.
I write a column for T: The New York Times Style Magazine called "The Story of a Thing."
I collect stories for a project called Sentimental Value. Sometimes I show that work and sell zines.
I am working on turning a Leonardo da Vinci sketch for a sequin-making machine into a working sculpture.
I give talks about archives, objects, clothing, memory, and the internet.

I made a t-shirt shack for President Obama in Hawaii called Medium White Tee, an installation of the Honolulu Museum of Art.
I gathered stories on Craigslist about clothing mishaps for Vestoj.
I guest edited the clothing issue of GOOD Magazine.
I created the Smithsonian's clothing history blog, Threaded.
I have taught.
I analyzed scented t-shirts.
I made something for DIS.
I scraped WikiHow for a website I made called How to Dress Like.

I founded Shop Well with You, was editor-in-chief of PopTech, produced and co-curated global salons for SustainAbility, and was founding director of Dowser.
@emspivack on twitter
@emspivack on instagram